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When my Beloved appears,

With what eye do I see Him?

With His eye, not with mine,

For none sees Him except Himself.

— Ibn al-'Arabī, by: Reynold A Nicholson

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Mar 10 2014

rasail 300px

Author: Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi

Arabic Text by: Abrar Ahmed Shahi

Reviwed by: Abd al-Aziz al-Mansub

Translated by: Abrar Ahmed Shahi

Price Rs 1155/- Int'l US $ 40.

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Rasā’il Ibn ‘Arabī is the new Critical Editions and contemporary Urdu translation of 5 selected Rasā’ils of Shaykh al-Akbar Muhyiddīn Ibn al-Arabi. The translation is contemporary and easy to understand, and will satisfy your longing for the sciences of Ibn al-Arabi.
  1. K. al-Hujub
  2. K. al-Azal
  3. K. al-Ba'
  4. Naqsh al Fusus
  5. Mukhtasirr Durrat al-Fakhira 


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كتاب الحجب - النص المحقق by Ibn al-Arabi Foundation

كتاب الباء - النص المحقق by Ibn al-Arabi Foundation




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