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When my Beloved appears,

With what eye do I see Him?

With His eye, not with mine,

For none sees Him except Himself.

— Ibn al-'Arabī, by: Reynold A Nicholson

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On Going Projects

Our Current Projects with funding status.

Sr no
Name of the Book
Funds Status
1 Tadbirat al-Ilahiyya (2nd Edition)  Published
2 Rasail Ibn al-Arabi (vol-1) (Critical Editions)  Published
3 Kashf al-Mana an Sirr Asma Allah al-Husna  Published
4 Fusus al-Hikam Funds Acquired
5 Al-Futuhat al-Makkiyya Partial Funds Acquired
6 Jami Istilahat Ibn al-Arabi Funds Required
7 Rasail Ibn al-Arabi (vol-2) Funds Required
8 Anqa Mughrib Funds Required
9 Ibn al-Arabi Biography (Urdu) Funds Required


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Jan 29 2012

We at Ibn al-Arabī Foundation have seen a dream:

  • Establishment of a comprehensive platform in Pakistan as a Resource Centre and a Library to house all the books/data/audio lectures in Arabic, Urdu and English languages available world wide with a view to coordinate the efforts /inspirations of the intellectuals/scholars involved in the research (tahqiq تحقيق) and translation (terjuma ترجمه) into contemporary Urdu Language of the works of Shaykh al-Akbar Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi. 
  • Introduction to the sciences of Shaykh al-Akbar Muhyiddin Ibn al-'Arabi to the interested individuals/organizations through introductory/advance short/long term courses and workshops/lectures for acquaintance with the universal ideas underlying his thoughts which are of immediate relevance today, as set out by in his books/works. 
  • Maintain and continue to develop/enhance the Foundation’s web site and make available to the public authentic reading and other material as waqf ‘amm with a view to develop a community of Ibn al-Arabi's sciences to let everyone interested to drink from this ocean without shores.
  • To develop a community fully aware of the sciences of Allah (‘ulum billāh) as they are revealed upon Shaykh al-Akbar Ibn ‘Arabī.
  • Work in collaboration with the International Organizations working for the same cause.