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Feb 26 2012

All the layers of being are composed of the ones we love and the depths of our being loves us back. In the shared depths of our great soul is 'Light upon Light'!

‎"Divine Nostalgia" is the memory of a time when the father of our souls fell in love with Allah. The greatest love story ever told - is the first and recurring cause of all being and creation. Identify with the eternal moment of HUBB between Allah and Muhammad.

A brief video by In-awe concepts.

Feb 26 2012

A documentary series by Al-Jazeer tv on 10 most influential scholars of the Islamic word.

Here we present to you the episode made for Shaykh al-Akbar Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi.

The spoken language of this documentary is Arabic.

All rights of are exclusively held by the owner and producer of this work which is Al-Jazeera tv.

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